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Concert - please come if you can!

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If anyone is in the area, on Nov 18th in Bath, at 7pm in St Swithun's Church, my award winning choir, Better than Chocolate, will be singing our 10th Anniversary Concert. We will be supporting the charity below, helping women who have suffered domestic abuse. Please come if you can! There will be delicious home-made CAKE. And wine. And a lot of bunting.



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    Liz is that the one I saw you at?
  • Yes -although it may have been me... not the same venue, a different one. You saw me at the Guildhall. This is a church in Bath. It is a very beautiful church, with a fabulous acoustic, which you don't get at the Guildhall, so we will be singing at our best advantage as well!
  • Sorry, a Viv had just phoned me a moment before I wrote that, Liz. :)
  • Was the concert a success?
  • It was, thank you, Patricia.

    There follow some pictures.

    The choir and some of the audience and bunting:

    I'm in this one...

    The cake:

    Bunting embroidered by me:

    And again

    And again

    Bunting by choir member Shona with my dog, the choir's mascot on

  • Beautiful bunting, the audience seemed enthralled, and that cake is a wonder!
  • That cake IS a wonder. My niece makes speciality cakes too. Some people have such talent.

    Watched you singing, Liz, well, peeping from behind that other singer. Glad it all went well for everyone.
  • :) I didn't know we'd have a cake - there are some very talented women in our choir!

    There were also some drawn pictures of our 10 years together.

    I could be seen in the first half, but sadly in the second half I had to stand down a step as we moved closer together as we couldn't hear each other (it's important so we know not to drown each other put when for instance one section needs to be heard in a harmony for instance).

    But not being seen is good as then I can plug glucose if I need to.
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