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Future Bookshelf

edited December 2017 in Writing
Is anyone else submitting to Future Bookshelf?
They are open for submission from today until December 7th, so get in there while it lasts!

Although they appear to be seeking subs from minority writers - ie, LGBT, ethnic minorities etc - I decided to have a shot with an historical saga, not the fantasy I've just self-published.


  • Good luck with that, Lizy.
  • Saw that and rejected them as it seemed as though they were only looking for writers from marginalised backgrounds, but you never know!

    Good luck, Lizy.
  • Good luck Lizy.
  • TN - I agree with your assessment, and as I am white, heterosexual and middle-class I doubt I have a hope, but there aren't many writers trying to start out at my age, so perhaps being a pensioner counts? :)
  • I was thinking that, Lizy. although of course not a minority, as most of us are supposed to be old, now aren't we?
  • Rubbish! Most of you are at least ten years younger than me - mere babies :)
  • Next year in the old days I would have been an OAP....
  • edited December 2017
    In Fiji anyone over 50 is considered to be old. (Average life expectancy is under 70.)

  • I feel very old this year!
  • Surely not, Heather! You look like a youngster.
  • Look younger than I am (old photos help - don't disabuse me please!)
    Feel older than I am!
  • They do say age is a state of mind, which can be true on a good day. I have been known to dance when the mood strikes, though only after a glass or two.
    On a bad day every ache and pain in Chritendom homes in on arthritic joints and it's a struggle to get out of a chair unaided.
    In my heart, though, I am eternally young - bugger the photos!

  • In my heart, though, I am eternally young - bugger the photos!
    Me too. I invariably experience a jolt of shock when I catch a unexpected glimpse of myself. I know that sounds daft but my internal (younger) image of myself is so strong, I frequently forget my chronological age and what I really look like! I'm sure when people see me walking on walls or skipping with Rosie they must wonder, but to me I'm behaving quite normally.
  • In my head I look exactly as I do in my wedding photos from 18 years ago.
    I generally avoid mirrors and shopfront windows.
  • Love the image of you walking on walls, Claudia, and Heather, #metoo!
  • Oh, the horror of seeing yourself unexpectedly when out shopping, in a window or mirror! It's so deflating. Old woman. Frumpy. Scraggy. Or, in a coat, dumpy and scraggy.
    Even worse? My reflection looking down into an ipad. OMG!!!!!!!!
  • Yes - close-ups looking down - bad combination!
  • It's sort of nice to know I'm not the only one... sort of!
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