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WM competition results

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The entry instructions in the WM comps still say that winners will be advised within 2 months of closing date and other entries can be submitted after that time. I have just entered the Open poetry comp and the entry receipt says 3 months. It does make a difference, as I will often resub things quite quickly after they become 'available' again. Has anyone else queried this with WM? If not, I will flag for attention.


  • I assume the poetry results are sometimes longer appearing than prose ones.
  • No, both prose and poetry say 2m in the T&C and 3 months on the entry receipt.
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    I rarely enter these competitions, but I've always assumed that if I haven't heard within about 6 weeks then I haven't been successful. They do need to clarify whether it's two or three months, so I'd e-mail them if I were you, Heather.
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