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My website has lost its security symbol

edited January 2018 in Writing
The 'lock' symbol has disappeared from the url and there is an information icon telling me that my website is not secure.

Does anyone know how to fix it, please?


  • Don't worry. Fixed it! (Call me Bob the Builder).

    I found something behind the scenes called a SSL or SLL certificate which had to be turned on. Phew.
  • But how did it get turned off?
  • I don't know, Liz. It happened once before.

    I was adding pages yesterday evening. Maybe I upset it.
  • My wordpress website has always had that icon saying the website is not secure. I didn't know there was a way to fix it. Nell, could you tell me where you found the thing to click on? I've looked at my Dashboard and can't find a search facility.
  • Oh, heck! I can't remember now. I think I must have gone into settings. I seem to remember there was a page with lots of green ticks to say that I had done the SEO properly, etc. etc. I think it was somewhere on that page where I had to click something to make it secure. If I come across it, I'll let you know immediately!
  • I haven't got a page with green ticks in my settings. Wordpress help forums seem to be saying that my http should have an 's' added but I'm wary of messing with my url.
  • It is not a Wordpress issue, so not sure where you were looking, Nell - could it have been your Chrome settings?

    You can't just 'make' your website secure, it costs money to buy the SSL setting certificate and you'd get it through your hosting company.

    Both my Wordpress blogs are secure, but my website is not.

    It doesn't matter a jot just as long as your password is one you don't use anywhere else, and you don't have a way of people paying over your website. If you do, you must get one.

    This tells you a bit about it:

  • I use Wix. Don't know if that makes a difference. I don't pay for anything and the SLL thing was a free option.
  • ah, well, that's brilliant, they are obviously on the ball. It's something they offer then and they have bought the rights to it. If it was a Wordpress site, then you'd need to do what it says in the link... I think I might have a look at providers and change mine to someone who provides a certificate for not too much money, if it becomes a problem. But i don't sell anything form there so should be fine.
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