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Requiem. did you get it?

edited February 2018 in - Writing Tales
Is Tilly Carys or some dark angel? Am I missing the plot in this one. And I thought Trauma ended weird!


  • Didn't watch it, I'm afraid. I think there is a new phase of TV coming in, akin to 'The Emperors New Clothes'. Programmes too convoluted to understand, but which you have to pretend you enjoyed inca se people think you are stupid.
  • I binge--watched Requiem. Didn't like the ending at all! Think she was a dark angel, yes!

    Enjoyed Trauma. Can't exactly remember the ending - only that there was a slight twist!

    Someone told me that Girlfriends has ended. That surely couldn't be the final episode!

    It's true what they say about writing: great endings are difficult to pull off.
  • Didn't watch it.
  • Binge watched it Friday night until 3am Saturday.
    Often I think a series can be done in less episodes - eg, 4 instead of six - and think that the TV folk drag it out. However, I thought this was superb throughout.
    Although, I was a tad disappointed with what I thought was an ambiguous ending.


    Am I wrong or were there 5 folk involved in the ceremony at the end yet only four graves shown later?
  • I couldn't bring myself to watch Trauma. Saw the opening scenes when the lad was in the café and knew what was to come about. Really upset me.

    Many programmes today are based on violence and murder. I hardly watch any of them as I think it is sad, people using violence and murder as entertainment.
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