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Twitter Tips

edited February 2018 in Writing
I know this came up recently and a few were unsure how to use it.

Just found a useful post about it:



  • That is useful and emphasises my message about how important it is to engage with others.
  • I read that as Crystal Tips. And Alastair.
  • Good ideas there. I might create some discussions on the CPS one...

    I hate the 'threads' thing though. It seems to go against everything Twitter is about, and one person's one sentence thoughts are incredibly boring - probably for the same reason a piece of writing becomes boring if all the sentences are the same length.
  • I've seen some brilliant threads. There was one recently about writing a letter to an agent. Riveting!

    (My husband calls me Crystal Tips)
  • Oh! The hair!

    Yes, I can imagine that being interesting. I was thinking about this:

  • but you could make them interesting if you were able. And I don't mean able to do it.
  • Oh, yes. They must be engaging!
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