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BBC National SSA 2018

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The online entry form won't accept my details. I've tried several times. Fourteen days ago I sent an S.A.E. requesting a postal entry form. No reply. Please advise.


  • There is an email address for queries [email protected].

    I would try to find out why the online form isn't working if possible - otherwise you have to send in eight copies of the story!!
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    Hello Heather, thanks for the comment. I tried emailing a query regarding the website a few days ago and received an auto-reply which ended with a plea for patience. Maybe that's the secret. Oddly, though the website entry form outlines my word count in red and a message states: wrong word count! Yours, sincerely, baffled.
  • It sounds as though you have exceeded the word count. Try removing a few words from your story. Sometimes there is a discrepancy between how your system and theirs get a total.
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    Hyphenated words can be counted as two or sometimes as one.

    They also seem to have included the title in the word count, as the rules don't say it's excluded.
  • Also contractions may count differently in different word counters.
  • An ellipsis versus three full stops will affect some counters.
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    Thanks for the suggestions. The word limit is 8,000 and my story's
    5,121 though so I don't think that's a problem. While filling in that part of the form I re-opened my story to check the number. Perhaps that what I did wrong.
  • It might have pasted twice then.
  • Phew! 'twas the comma's fault. Another phone call to the BBC and I had the answer. The Word Count box doesn't accept commas. So having zapped it I submmited the entry form. Hopefully, my story for the NSSA is now with the judges.
  • Good luck!
  • Phew! 'twas the comma's fault. Another phone call to the BBC and I had the answer.
    Seriously? So much for automation!

    p.s. good luck with your entry
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