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Ideas for getting my motivation back?

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I had a short story published in The People's Friend 10 months ago, my second one, but since then I've not been able to find the motivation to sit down and write another, although I've had plenty of ideas. Family health worries are a big concern at the moment and likely to remain so, which seems to take up all my energy. I'd love some ideas to get my motivation going again. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


  • I have had similar and haven't written anything for almost a year now.
    I don't think you can force it, and sometimes other things are a priority, so don't worry too much. Nothing wrong with keeping it on the back burner for a while. I would suggest writing down your ideas though, so when it does come back (and it will) you have something to kick start your work.
    Good luck!
  • Agree with Heather.

    Just to keep the brain tick-tocking, try a ten minute free writing session, just take a random prompt and write.

    Then when you're able to spend a bit more time writing, the motivation will kick in.x
  • I know exactly what you mean. Some people just see to be able to write through it, or lose themselves from the worry in their writing, others like me seem to lose the writing in the worry. It's easier I think when someone asks you to write something, rather than just sitting down and doing it for 'fun' as then you have to write and it isn't so hard.
  • I'm sure it will all fall into place when your brain has the free space to become creative again. Don't put yourself under unnecessary pressure.
  • How about writing some flash fiction? A 50 or 100 word story isn't exactly easy, but might be less daunting than a longer work.

    There arequite a lot of free to enter competitions for flash fiction, so aiming at one of those might spur you on.
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    I find churning out my daily drivel on my blog helps keep me in writing mode - albeit nothing profound it keeps the words flowing - I also try to do my weekly homework for our writers' group. Sometimes the pieces end up as competition entries.

    Our local evening paper recently added a slot for short stories. At writers' group we challenged ourselves to submit something. The paper published two of my stories - it does boost confidence to know you can still do it. Several other members had theirs published too.
  • I go for AGES without writing. I sit at the computer and faff. Sometimes (often) life takes priority.

    I need a goal to get going - a deadline for a competition, someone expecting something from me, etc. I find a theme helps me to focus.

    You could set yourself a goal. Maybe work through the alphabet and start with a consecutive letter each time. Look for submission and competition opportunities; you don't have to enter.

    But don't fret. It will come back to you. A writer is always a writer. You just need a clear head.
  • Thank you very much everyone. You've hit the nail on the head, Liz. Constant worry seems to creep in to everything and just drains your emotional energy. I like the idea of Flash Fiction, Phots Moll. That's something I haven't done before, so will look into that. I also like the idea of working through the alphabet, Tiny Nell. I haven't entered many competitions at all, so maybe that's something else to look at. Thank you all again, very much appreciated.
  • I find free writing is a great kickstarter.

    Heather, how do you manage to be short and longlisted all over the place when you haven't written anything for a year?
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    I have stock!

    Though must admit it's getting a bit thin.
  • I like the idea of Flash Fiction, Phots Moll. That's something I haven't done before, so will look into that.
    My discovery of flash fiction (through the One Word Challenge) has resulted in quite a lot of published fiction over the years, so it's something I always champion.
    If you have a blog, I can thoroughly recommend the weekly Friday Fictioneers challenge because it encourages you to write 100 word stories every week. (And it's fun.)

    Have a look at Lizy's blog to give yourself an idea of how it works:
    Mine is here: http://susan-a-eamestravelfictionandphotos.blogspot.com.es/

  • Thank you Claudia, that's really helpful.
  • And don't forget the 250-word One Word Challenge that we have here on the forum!
    You have until the end of the month. Now there's a deadline for you!
  • Umm... 200 words, TN. :)
  • Eek! I always get that wrong and write too much!!
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    You've probably written the first draft of a best seller by now Megrose. Anyway here's another wheeze. Personification! Write to your 'motivation'. Send he/she/it a letter e.g. I miss you so much. Remember those cosy evenings when we used to sit together etc.? If he/she/it doesn't respond get mad!!
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