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Setting your own deadline. Does it work?

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After your support last week, I've started writing a Flash Fiction piece for a competition where the deadline is 26th March. It's certainly given me something to aim for and I wondered if others set themselves deadlines to complete writing. Does it work?


  • Yes, having a competition date means that you have no other choice than to work towards it and get it finished (and polished) in time.

    You could start making a list of similar comps out there and write the dates on your calendar. If you miss a few, it doesn't matter. And you can always recycle pieces.
  • I am much more disciplined if I have a deadline because it gives me no choice. The book I'm writing is another matter entirely and I only work on it in fits and starts because I can!
  • I do sort of set myself deadlines and it does help.

  • Thanks all. I've just got April's Writing Mag with the Competitions Guide, so I'm going to take your advice, TN, and make a list of competitions to enter. I'm also going to try to set myself deadlines for work I want to submit and see how that goes.
  • My deadline is that in two weeks I shall be 74, and if I don't get a move on I won't get written all those books I want to write. So it's 'Get a move on, Liz - you're not immortal!"
  • JenJen
    edited March 2018
    I'm hopeless at deadlines, something always gets in the way. Usually work. I've got a word count goal for my novel at the moment and a short story I've been working on for ages. My deadline was for the end of the month but that's next week so.. maybe next month.
    I always get the competition guide, hopefully this will be my year for sending something *fingerscrossed* but look out for small publications too like http://www.parkpublications.co.uk/scribble.html scribble who accept submissions. They are also in the competition guide. Best of luck, let us know how you get on. I'm intrigued to know :)
  • Do you know the end of the short story, Jen?
    It can be difficult to finish if you only know the beginning with no real direction as to where it's heading.

    Twice recently, I have heard about competitions where the deadline is a breath away and I have managed to churn out the stories in one fell swoop. I literally didn't stop writing until I hit the final full stop.

    Maybe, if you don't feel enthusiastic about your story, you should put it away (for now) and start a completely new one.

    Hope the Muse returns soon!
  • Thanks ☺ yes I know the end it's getting the words right.I've been working on this story off and on for years. Usually I struggle finding an end to my stories and end up with many unfinished.
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