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Just finished judging The Artist's Choice on Rattle Poetry - now up on the site!

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Judged the Artist's Choice in Rattle Poetry's Ekphrastic Challenge for March at the weekend. The winner is up with my comments. There were over 300 poems submitted in response to the detail from my painting!!! It was becoming increasingly difficult to make a decision the more poems I read, but once I came across Paul's poem I knew it was the winner.




  • Beautiful poem.
  • I had to read your critique in order to understand why this poem stood out for you, Seaview. Then I re-read the poem and I 'got' it. (This is why I'm not a poet.) :)
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    I really was blown away by it, Claudia, but given the subject mater couldn't express it like that. As soon as I saw it I knew it was the one. How he could have come up with such a poem from an idyllic, pastoral scene.. The winning poet commented on my FB page:

    Paul T. Corrigan Thanks, folks! And I agree, it is a lovely painting! The poem emerged from the dissonance between seeing the painting at the same time that the Parkland shooting (and others) were particularly weighing on me.

    And here is a link I've just found when I Googled Parkland https://edition.cnn.com/2018/04/04/us/parkland-shooting-survivor-hospital/index.html
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    Beautiful poem.

    Very moving, Isn't it, Baggy. And I discovered on the poet's FB page this morning that the children reading his poem on the recording are his daughters which makes it extra special.
  • I wouldn't call it beautiful, but it cetainly has impact.
  • Fab. So matter of fact.
  • Wow! Simple and impactful. I can see why you chose it. Love the painting too.
  • I wouldn't call it beautiful, but it cetainly has impact.
    It definitely made an impact on me, Phots.
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    Fab. So matter of fact.
    Yes, Liz. I think that it’s power lies in that simplicity and its flow of negative statements.
  • Wow! Simple and impactful. I can see why you chose it. Love the painting too.

    Thank you, Nefertari.
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    And the amazing thing is that my second choice was this haibun from an online writing pal in Australia -which the editor posted as his choice the following Thursday!

  • Wonderful again. I found that really moving. What it doesn't say, but also what it does, expressing the unexpressable.
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