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A query someone might be able to help me with.

I have uploaded a book to CreateSpace and their Internal Reviewer has one issue - one item of 'Non-printable Makeup' which they have removed.
How do I find out what that is without scrolling through 300+ pages of my book?


  • It could be something from 'track changes'. Review the content with that - click on 'next' to see if it's something that needs accepting. I know someone who had that and it was a full stop that appeared in the printed version but couldn't be seen on the screen.
  • Where are track changes? On my Word doc, the pdf I saved it as, or on CreateSpace ?
  • In the original Word document. You need to go back to that because it won't show in the PDF.
  • I know it's boring, but you really should scroll through all the pages on their reviewer thingy anyway, just to check everything is as you want/expect it.
  • God, I assumed you did that, Lizy. You must!
  • I will, I do, several times, but this one issue thing is bugging me. I ain't totally devoid of sense, girls!
  • Just got an email from CreateSpace in response to my query.

    I understand that you would like to know about the issue that your facing with the interior file of the title "Helter-Skelter".

    I have looked into the issue from my end and I see that the only manuscript alert you are facing is the removal of non- printable markup.

    Non-printable markups are identifiers or file information that is not pertinent to the actual printing of the file. Non-printable refers to information that cannot be used in printing and typically only adds to the file size.

    These are removed by Interior Reviewer to reduce the file size which aids in processing and printing. Some examples would be hyperlinks, tags or bookmarks in a file.

    In this case, I would recommend you to proceed further by clicking "save and continue" on our interior reviewer.

    So that's ok, though I still don't know exactly what the non-printable markup was :)
  • Did you clear all formatting before you started the process? Sometimes if you copy something in from another document, or from the web (for research perhaps) some of the formatting can remain unseen, yet messing things up.
  • Yes I did. I messaged them to ask what the problem is and they replied saying, basically, ignore it and move on. So I shall order a proof copy and go through it with a fine tooth comb.
  • Yes Lizy, you should.
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