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.com or .co.uk?

edited June 2018 in Writing
If I Google my blog http://lizy-writes.blogspot and stop there, Google gives me a list of my posts, all with .co.uk at the end.
BUT when I click on one, the blog name at the top of the screen ends in .com

Can anyone explain why?
And which should I use on any publicity?


  • Blogger use all the different countries suffixes. If you go to your blog when you're abroad, you'll see ie, fr, es etc.

    It doesn't matter which you use, as they'll all go to your blog.
  • Thanks PM - .com is easier to type so I'll stick with that :)
  • Yeah, it's a bit weird how it works. On a search mine says .com but in other circumstances it comes up as .ie - I usually use .com but it doesn't seem to make any difference.
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