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Welcome to the Talkback Forum from its Members

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Welcome to Writing Magazine's Talkback Forum.

If you browse the categories and threads you will quickly discover that we are a group of writers who have become supportive friends with our writing endeavours (and our private lives should we wish to share snippets).

We are a broad range of writers with knowledge and skills, published and unpublished. We are poets, short story writers, novelists and non-fiction writers in a range of genres. Some of us are brilliant at answering grammar and technical questions and some of us are brilliant at answering 'off the wall' questions.

Most importantly for you, as a 'newbie', is to know that we are friendly and respectful of each other and we love welcoming new members because everyone – from experienced writer to beginner - has something worthwhile to add.

Perhaps the quickest way to give you a flavour of Talkback's current members (and sense of humour) is to quote some of the comments when we discussed writing a Welcome thread:

- Shall we create a thread for suggestions as to how to word our welcome to newbies and Webbo can look and comment when he has time?

- *goes off to think of something welcoming and intelligent to say*

- TBH, I think there's always going to be a problem attracting and keeping new members. This forum is unusual in that its content is created by the members .... Anyone finding TB via the magazine might be looking for a more structured forum for writers. This has never been that.

- It's still support though. Perhaps we could list the things we get from it? One thing that links every part of our lives for ourselves and every one of us to each other is our love of writing, whatever the genre, and our fight to write as well as we can and communicate our ideas/stories/poems to others.

- We could. However, this is more a group of writers who chat than anything else. I doubt new members would see the writing message in most of the threads.

- We've had the occasional newbie who's stayed awhile, but then they vanish again. One or two have been - how shall I put it? - even odder than us.

- Perhaps that's our selling point? Oddness? We'd have to up our game but I think most of us are able to make that reach.

- I'm more than happy to help anyone who wants to write in my genre. I think we all are, too

- Yes, but that isn't obvious to a visitor.

- So we let them know by the medium of words in the welcome.

There you have it! Start your own 'Hi, I'm new here' thread to introduce yourself and we sincerely hope you'll stick around long enough to become a valued member and friend and as addicted to this wonderful, quirky forum as we are.

Virtual cake always available.


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