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Back and lost

Following a drunken session (who me, surely not!) where someone mention the 50k Nov challenge that is NNWM - I put my hand up. Then looked around the group to see there was only my hand up. Oh how they laughed.

So, where to start.... at the very beginning I guess.

I do hope someone remembers me :)


  • I remember you, Suzie! Welcome back. :)
  • Thanks, Claudia :) 
    The site appears a little different, has there been lots of changes?
  • Yes, it was updated very recently, and is still having teething problems. As a result things are a bit quiet around here at the moment. I'm hoping that it's just a temporary glitch and that members will return soon to reinvigorate the threads. 
  • Hi suzie, did you complete the challenge? 
  • The challenge is for this year’s, Lizy ... so not yet started, more at the panic stage. I last did it in 2012, I was rsther disjointed and didn’t feel happy with my efforts, but did feel proud(ish) that I managed to get the words in some order on the pages :)
  • Welcome back!
  • Welcome back!

    NaNo is tonight's #writingchat topic – you might pick up some useful tips there.
  • Thanks, PM
  • Hello SuzieW, welcome back.

    Over on Twitter tonight 8-9 pm on #writingchat it's all about NaNoWriMo so you're welcome to join in.
  • Thanks, Carol - I've set up a column for the # 
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