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Word 2007

I use Word 2007 - what will the lack of support from this month mean to me?

The online advice talks about 'Office' - what is that?

As far as I know I only use Word as a word processor, and Publisher to produce business cards and flyers.

All of you who know me also know that I need any advice to come in very simple steps!


  • Office is a package of programmes that you may or may not use all of them; Word, Excel, Powerpoint.

    Publisher was a separate programme at one time but is now part of some of the Office 365 packages. 

    I've been using Word 2007 since 2010. I've tried repairing it but my indenting defaults to 9. something, so I'm constantly having to fiddle with the settings.

    I've had line spacing go screwy within a document and it is getting annoying.

    I've used the third use of the disk for Office 2007- that includes Word, Excel etc- so can't uninstall and reinstall. 

  • I keep meaning to reinstall my Word as it keeps saying it needs to repair. The price for the up to date one is steep if you barely use it. I like Scrivener. You can use Word for free online which has been very handy :) 
  • I use Libre.   Another freebie and very good. 
    The genuine Microsoft programmes are very expensive.   Expense no doubt justified but when you can get free ones, why not. 
  • I'm still using Word 2007 - part of the Office suite of programmes.  As Carol indicates, Microsoft no longer support this version by providing updates, patches etc. so now and then it doesn't quite behave.  I did move to Windows 10 when it was offered as a free download but I'm thinking of getting an up to date version of Office.
  • Betsie I've been looking at the various choices available and it really depends on what you're going to need.

    I'm getting fed up with Word 2007 creating random issues.
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