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New member with a question

Hi - I'm a new member to Talkback and the Writers Online website.
My new issue of Writing Magazine (Dec)  arrived today and I've been trying to find the 1000 word story competition judge's comments?

The magazine says they are available to read online? 



  • Hello, and welcome.

    You'll find a lot of things on the main part of the site. The bit you're looking for is here: 

  • If you look above on this screen where it says 'Competitions' and click on that it will take you to the Competitions page on the website. Then choose 'Showcase' and the judge's comments are below the winning story for each comp.

    Oh, and hello and welcome!

  • Thank you Carol and Heather - I'll check out the link for the "Showcase" . Just finding my way about the site.  

    Thanks for the welcome too :) 

  • Welcome to talkback, selkie. 
  • I've just tried to find the judge's comments for the winner published in the December 2018 magazine. I went to 'Showcase' but there was nothing after July 2018.
  • No idea what's happened. 

    Message Webbo from your inbox at the top of the page.
  • Sorry, I'm new to this.  What is Webbo's address?
  • His account name is Webbo - so go to your inbox and type Webbo in to the message option. He should receive an email when he's in his office. 

  • Note that the dates of the Showcase stories relate to the original competition rather than the magazine they appear in. The December issue contains the winners from the travel and creative non-fiction competitions, though are listed as July online.
  • Thanks MerylMac - now I understand. Still getting used to the system!
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