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KDP after CreateSpace

I have published two books through CreateSpace and about to use KDP.

Has anyone else done this yet? What snags, if any, should I be aware of?


  • I've not published any new books the new way, but I've been into the system and had a play about with some I prepared earlier. Most of the pages where you input stuff look pretty much the same, if not exactly so. 

    The digital proofer looks different, but seems to work exactly the same. (I've seen reports that it's not so easy to proofread on there, but that's not something I've tried.)

    The online cover creator is very different. It seems more complicated, but that might just because there are lots more options.
  • Thanks PM. If I find any difficulties I will let you know.
  • The process so far has been very similar to CreateSpace, in fact now I've got back into the swing of things, it seems quicker.

    I am almost ready to press the 'Publish' button, but can't work out how to get a Kindle preview onto my Kindle app on my tablet. Actually, I'm useless at using it - I'm partway through Patsy etc's book and can't even work out how to get back to My Library to find out if I've been successful in sending the digital proof to myself. Aarrggh!!

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    If you tap near the top of the screen, you should go back to the menu thingy. Usualy what you downloaded most recently will be at the top of the list, but if you can't see it, try under documents as well as books.

    Oh, sorry – just realised you have a kindle app, not a kindle. That might be different.

  • For anyone who uses the Scrivener writing application, you can create eBooks via that. (I outputted my festive story as one to send to my Dad's Kindle.) It worked very well.
    Mind you, I wuld not know how to go about promoting / selling one!
    Do CreateSpace and KDP accomodate that?
  • That's my next bit of research! 
  • I've published a paperback via KDP & found it straightforward, although I didn't use Cover Creator. It's great to be able proof & author paperback copies at a reasonable price (cheaper than Createspace) and in a shorter time frame.
  • I uploaded my own photo for my cover 
  • Kramer, KDP handle the selling part (taking a cut of course) but all the promotion is down to you.
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