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This Week I...

Hi All, Sometimes when you're creating a book or poem or any creative project it can seem you're not moving forward. So to combat this disheartening experience, I've set up a Facebook group focused on what you have achieved in the week. So once a week people will post what they have manged to do creatively (writing or art)- this will help by making you realise that you have achieved something this week and creating a community of people who could help you in your creative endeavor or might be interested in your work. For more information and to join check out- This Week I.


  • Interesting idea, David, although tbh I'd prefer to see a thread here on talkback on this topic instead. Obviously that's just my personal opinion and it's because I don't really like having a heavy reliance on facebook.
    Hope I don't sound like a party pooper! Good luck with your group. 
  • Also, I prefer to keep my own projects private. Although I do share info on Facebook, I share the more personal aspects on TB.

    I looked for the group and couldn’t find it. I searched on Google: david jenkins "this week i" facebook – and still couldn’t.

  • Sorry forgot to include the link- https://www.facebook.com/groups/570840180031504/
    Nobody puts detailed info in the group on what working on it's like 2000 words on upcoming novel, sorting out a scene in my screenplay, artist put pictures up as well. Just about appreciating that you have made progress. If there's enough interest I'd set up a thread here.
  • Ah, it is a public group. I shan't be able to use it. Sorry. 
  • Why aren't you able to use public groups, Baggy? 

    David, the idea of regular postings to aid productivity and keep a record of progress is great, but it's already a feature of more than one of the writing groups I belong to. These offer other help and support too, so I'm going to stick with them. If we join too many there's a danger of spending so much time talking about writing we're not left with any in which to actually do it.
  • Personal choice, PM. 
  • Ah. That's fair enough. (I'd read it as though you weren't able to chose to do so.)
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