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Story for children- where to send?

A few years ago I wrote a story about a turtle for a competition (didn't win, obviously). My children found it recently when I was using it as a piece of scrap paper to make a shopping list. I then had to dig an old hard drive to find the whole thing for them to read and they really liked  it. I had completely forgotten about it, but now I am wondering if I can submit it somewhere. The problem is, it seems to be rather long for a children's story (1500 words) and most markets I have looked at want something much shorter. Any suggestions? (I am waiting for my copy of the Writers and Artists' Yearbook for Christmas). My kids are 7 and 10, but I think more suitable for the younger one. Many thanks.


  • 1,500 words? It doesn't seem long enough, not too long. 

    Picture books are up to a 1,000 words but actually nearer 200 usually. 

    7-9 is about 30,000.

    What market are you thinking of?
  • I'd also get a book on writing for children. The book you suggest is more for finding a market once you've learned how. Never trust the opinion of your own children or family or children you know. They are very easy to please.
  • The problem is that it was written for a competition, not a particular publication, but I was wondering if there is anything I can do with it now,
  • Have you looked in any magazines for children? If you flick through some you might see if any include stories.
  • I was looking online, but most submission guidelines want something shorter. (I also can't tell whether it's any good or not- I have no sense whether my writing is good / bad / what works etc. I have won / been placed in competitions in the past, but it always comes as a big surprise).
  • I'd definitely get a book on wiring for children with the requirements for each age group and genre and perhaps see if you can get some advice from one of these places that does feedback... Louise Jordan? 

    Aquila is a good magazine for children. Caterpillar. Try editing your story to the required number of words and see what happens.
  • Hi Pebble,
    Stories for children's mags/comps are usually a bit shorter. Could you edit it?

    Have a look at The Caterpillar's guidelines. They publish stories and poetry.

    Oh, that's what Liz just said!
  • Writers' & Artists' Yearbook used to publish a yearly book called Writing for Children.  This listed publishers of children's stories.  It also contained lots of useful information on the genre.
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