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Writers' & Artists' Year Book

I found a 2017 edition in the charity shop so bought it. I've never bought one before for various reasons, but I'm enjoying leafing through it to read the articles.
Do any of you buy the latest edition every year? Has the book ever specifically helped you with your writing?


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    The articles are interesting. But I don't buy it now.

    The only drawback is how much the print details  can change between the time details are submitted and the latest edition comes out. So the directory bit can be a good starting point to find possible publishers/agents, but you still need to research each one to find the up to date information.

    Their website is good: https://www.writersandartists.co.uk/
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    I've bought it a couple of times. I won a copy for a star letter in WM a few years ago - but it was already the previous year's - Webbo said it was the last of the stock. :(

    Yes, interesting to look at, but you can't assume the content's reliable. 
  • Yes, I always knew the main problem was its inability to give accurate content. The introductory pages point to the website for the most up to date info. I suppose writers use it as a starting point to help them with their research and presumably the book still sells otherwise they wouldn't continue to print hard copies. I don't think I'd pay the twenty quid for a new edition every year - but this 2017 one only cost me 50 cents and I shall enjoy having a browse.
  • I've bought them once or twice, as well as the Writing for Children version, but as Carol says, details change. Our library always stocks an up to date version, but I tend to use the Internet to find out info. I can't remember much about any articles!

    I would buy it at that price too.
  • I have two copies on my shelf, 2008 and 2009, from when I was trying to get an agent for my novel. Blimey - that's a long time ago! Should chuck them out really.
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