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Pinterest (for Lizy)

So, Pinterest is the equivalent of making a scrapbook. You create 'Boards' which are themed in some way and 'pin' relevant things to them. They can be public or secret.

For each of my books, I made separate boards. These are public. I then used the Search option within Pinterest to find scenes which fitted scenes in my books. I typed in words such as 'snow', 'treasure', 'miniature', 'castle', 'witch', etc, etc.

When you find something you want to keep, you just click on it and an option comes up asking which board you'd like to save that image to. You can also pin written information such as articles, blog posts, publications, etc.

You can also pin things when you're not even on the Pinterest website. Just look for the red 'P' wherever you are on the Internet. Once you click it, you are asked if you'd like to pin it, and on which board.

You can follow people and can be followed. I don't really get involved in that side of things!

I still add things occasionally, although I am pleased with what I've got as the board for each book gives quite an authentic pictorial representation of what the books are about.

Here is my page where you can see what I've done:

My private boards consist of private collections of ideas for the house, etc.


  • Thank you, TN, for such a detailed explanation.
    So far I have only pinned my blog entries to FlashFiction and Lizy's writing. I've no idea if anyone ever looks at them!
    You're a star X
  • I've had my stuff taken from my pinterest page which seems to be allowed on there, which irritates me a LOT as they don't do what you have to do which is make sure what you have pinned, if clicked on, takes you back to the source. That is illegal. And most people seem to be doing that.
  • (And if you pin something from someone else's page, you should be checking they are acknowledging the source too, so that you can.)
  • Why is everything such a bloody minefield? 
  • If someone shares quotes from your work, and there is no link back to your Amazon page or your page no-one will know what it comes from. It's not hard to do, and the whole premise of Pinterest, but that seems to escape many people! 
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