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I need a new laptop. Any ideas on the ones you find most useful?

Hi all, I'm new on here so i'm feeling my way round the site. I've finally had an article published in a mainstream magazine and have decided I really want to "up the ante" in terms of my writing but I need a new laptop as mine is in terminal decline. I'm fairly "techy" but by no means an expert, plus like us all I'm on a very tight budget. I want to stick with a Windows operating system and don't really want a pre-used one as I need it "ready to roll" with everything transferred from this one to the new one and I can't do that myself. Many thanks


  • Hi DesertRose.  I am happy with my acer, but it came with  Windows 8.1 which i wouldn't have again. Tight budget? Join the club! 
  • If you bought a reconditioned one from a shop, wouldn't they be able to transfer your old stuff in the same way they would if you bought new?

    I've got a Mac, which are expensive. I'm not sure they're still worth the extra, but my husband feels he needs a Mac for his business and we want all our stuff compatible. They do seem to last quite well and retain a good battery life which is important for us. We can only charge one at a time in the van, so they need to run all day on the battery.
  • Sorry can't add to this as I also have mac, which last for a long time, and are good for arty things. But yes, pricey.

    However, WELCOME to the site! 
  • Hi and welcome, DesertRose. I'm on my third laptop (windows 10). It's now fairly old - an HP Pavilion - which probably no longer exists! Whenever I need to replace my laptop I go to Currys/PC World and chat with one of the young techies about my needs/budget, and choose from there. This method has worked out fine every time.
  • MacBook.
    For me, there is no argument. But the best doesn't come cheap.
  • DesertRose became a member on the 7th and posted this question. She hasn't been back to even read our replies.
    I always find it very weird why anyone would do that.
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