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Hoots Mon!!

Dominic Castle the Editor of EDP Norwich Magazine emailed today. He would like to consider the feature I am, currently, writing about John Skelton, poet and tutor to the future King Henry V111, for publication. 


  • Wonderful!
  • Yup! Thanks for your comment Baggy. I am, specially, pleased because a feature due for publication this month in another mag. did not materialise. Confidence is recovering. 
  • Well done. Look at the positives, Patricia. 

    Regarding the piece that did not appear, sometimes items get held over, especially if they are not time sensitive. You can always follow it up after a decent period. I had a piece published two years after it had appeared in the "coming next month" section of the magazine. A time sensitive item replaced it when it was due and then with a change of editor it was overlooked. As I say, it appeared eventually.
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