Westfield Forge

Editor Kevin Davis has published a feature I wrote plus accompanying photos about Westfield Forge. I thought he was punishing me for not being able to deliver a piece about British Sugar factory when W.F. piece was not in the March edition. Faith is restored. 


  • Congratulations, Tricia. Patience is a virtue :)
  • edited March 26
    Thank you C2. There is precious little of virtue about me!
  • Pleased to hear your article has been published even if it was delayed. Sometimes a time sensitive piece gets substituted at the last minute. That seems the most common reason for this happening.
  • edited March 27
    I, probably, misread the date of publication. Anyway there's the Suffolk Norfolk Life magazine feature picturing Rob Caley the blacksmith of Westfield hovering over his flaming hearth, and hammering a rod of iron. There are pictures of his wife's pretty, designs too. 
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