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David Walliams

Has now sold 34 million books worldwide...just saying!


  • If we were only a well-known tv personality with publishers who were promoting every book we produced... :#
  • He is an extremely talented person. Let's not forget he was a writer long before he became an author. 
  • My girls love his books - despite all the advantages he has with the TV personality etc etc he's obviously very good at what he does.
  • I agree he can write and has talent, children do seem to like his books.

    But his TV personality status has opened doors to book promotions that hardworking children's authors cannot hope to get anywhere near.
  • But, big but, it was his original writing that actually got him into radio and TV. He was writing before he became a TV personality. 
  • He'd been on television and winning awards for quite a few years before the first book came out.
  • He had - and some  of those awards were for writing TV and radio programmes. Moving into books isn't too much of a leap. Of course he now sells massive amounts of books because of his high profile, but I don't think he has anything to prove as a writer. 
  • No, I totally agree, Baggy. He was a writer first and foremost, a very funny writer, and his wicked sense of humour carries into his children's books.  They're not books with empathy, or moral content or anything to learn from BUT he is engaging and can promote them. Even if he wasn't a TV talent as well, and it's talent that's got him there, he'd be selling a lot of books. 
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