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Republishing a book

I am having an attack of OCD. 

I published my first book with double spaced text and sized 5x8 inches. 
My two subsequent books are 6x9 and 1.5 spaced. 
Any time I contemplate setting up a stall at, eg,  our village fair, or doing a promotional talk, I cringe at the disparity in sizes. So I'm thinking of bringing that first book into line. 

How difficult / easy is it to rehash a book on Amazon? 


  • Correct the Word document and upload the new version. The spine will be affected, so you will need to tweak the cover. 
  • Thanks Baggy. Next week, maybe - or next month - depends on progress on Book 3 :)
  • It's no more difficult than publishing it to start with – and you did that OK, didn't you?
  • Yes, i did. Thanks. 
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