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National Flash Fiction Day

Is on June 15th and includes the Flash Flood where a new flash is posted every few minutes for 24 hours. You can submit up to three pieces 500 words or fewer and it is free (and no pay of course!!) BUT you can sub previously published pieces so if you would maybe like one of your old OWC entries to get another outing why not have a go? Response is very quick.



  • I wonder whether I could submit the entry I put forward for the National Flash Fiction anthology.  It didn't get anywhere with that competition, but I don't know whether the same judges are going to be used for both competitions.  
  • It's  a different person every day for the flash flood. It says who they are but not who is doing which day. Worth a shot - there will have been a lot of subs for the anthology and not as many slots.
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    If you click on the link, you will see that there are several judges, a different one for each submission day, but they don't tell you who reads on which day.

    It's free, and you can submit three entries, so nothing to lose! 

    They get back to you within 24 hours, so not even too  long a wait.
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    Yeah, I've had a check, TN and heather, and I think I will add two entries.  There's nothing to lose.  
  • heather said:

    Is on June 15th and includes the Flash Flood where a new flash is posted every few minutes for 24 hours. 

    Is the story only up for a few minutes then? Or are stories continually added to the page? I had a quick look at the link, but couldn't see an explanation as to how it works.
  • That's a good point! I imagine they stay there. Surely...
  • Yes they all stay. All the previous years' ones are still available too.
  • They've got back in touch with me, and they will not be using either story that I sent them.  Never mind.  I suppose I can use them elsewhere.  
  • Goodness, that was quick, Doglover! Sorry they aren't using your stories. :(
  • It's okay,  Claudia.  I'm all new to this, so I realise it will take time before I get anything printed.  
  • Oh, I am sorry, DL. I'm sure you'll be able to use them elsewhere.
  • You're allowed to send three so if you have another one you could send it tomorrow when it will be a different judge.
  • I haven't got a third one.  I'll just try sending them off elsewhere in the future. 
  • heather said:
    Yes they all stay. All the previous years' ones are still available too.
    I couldn't find them on the website. Any idea where they're hiding?
  • http://flashfloodjournal.blogspot.com/

    Click on the lines top left and choose archive.

    You can then read through a few or search on a particular author's name if you want to.

  • Thanks, Heather. I've had my first submission rejected, so want to see what sort of stories have succeeded in the past.
  • Good luck x
  • Flash Flood have turned mine down too, Doglover and Claudia.
    Their standard must be pretty high!
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    It is also just one person's taste. Three tries allowed!

    I have had plenty of stuff turned down in previous years.

  • Thanks Heather. I haven't got time to write another one.
  • They accept previously published Lizy, so any of your OWC entries or Visual Verse etc are eligible.
  • That's a thought, but if they don't like my style... 
  • There will be a different person choosing tomorrow. You have nothing to lose, Lizy!!
  • Nothing to lose but your pride. I've now had two stories rejected. Two stories that I know are good. I shan't bother to enter a third one.
    Yes, I'm being childish, but giving them a mental two fingers has made me feel better. 
  • That's how I felt on Tuesday, Claudia, but Heather and TN have inspired me to have one more go.
    I've updated one of my Visual Verse entries - at least I know they liked it!
  • In 2015 I had a story rejected by them that went on to be Highly Commended at Bridport!

    Each of the last 2 years I succeeded on my third attempt.

    I'm sure all of your stories are good, but each judge will have likes and dislikes and be looking for a particular thing. They will have loads sent in and can't pick them all even if they are all good. It's just one person's opinion.

  • Of course you are right, Heather. And your example of how a story rejected by them went on to be Highly Commended at the prestigious Bridport, is perfect. I know it's just someone's opinion, but when I read a rejection, or don't see my name listed under long or short-lists, sometimes I just have to have a little hissy fit and project a million curses on the judge/s.  >:)  
  • But of course. We all do that :)
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