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Agent response times

After submitting a synopsis and 1st 3 chapters, an agent has now requested to see the full ms. That was 4 weeks ago. How long should I wait before sending a polite follow up email?


  • Firstly, well done on getting their attention!
    Have you looked on their website to see if the answer to your question is on there? Four weeks isn't that long, IMO, though it probably seems like forever to you! I'd give it a bit longer, if I were you. And good luck.
  • Congratulations.

    You can wait months, it really depends on the agent and their workload.
  • I'd wait another 2 or 3 weeks and, if you're still anxious to hear, just send a tactful message quoting the date you sent the whole work and saying you hope they have had the chance to read it and, if so, you look forward to hearing from them - something like that; although, personally, I think they'll still answer in their own good time.
  • I wouldn't chase too soon. Three months minimum IMO.
  • Well done you - give it a bit longer - especially as it's holiday season!!
  • Thank you everyone. Have stopped obsessively checking emails and have knuckled down to next project. Still sending to other agents meantime.

  • That's the spirit, Nessal - and good luck!
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