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Update of my progress with AM

Hi all,
I has been a while now and I have had to register again, as my old email no longer works and my old user name of happy_author is taken under my old email.
Putting that aside, I had a travel guide book published by AM with a traditional contract with an advanced payment, I am please to say that 5 years on and I am still getting a royalties cheque every 6 months.
They also published my children's book, also with a traditional contract and a small advance, the book was never marketed ( my personal opinion) and only sold 1 in over a year. I was pleased to receive a letter from them giving me my rights back. I have now self published it with Amazon in Kindle and book form and look forward to the results.
I also finished a 130,000 word novel and I used Baggy Books excellent services of proofing and sent that off to AM and had (I see some of you are already ahead of me) a contract offer if I paid £2,500, as If that is going to happen.


  • Welcome back and thanks for the updates.

  • Thank you, Carol,
    I remember your kind support when I was going through a stressful time and posted comments I greatly regretted. Glad to be back and in a positive frame of mind.
  • Hello, HA. glad you had some joy at least.
  • Liz said:
    Hello, HA. glad you had some joy at least.
    Thank you Liz, what happened to your jumping frog profile?
  • I don't know! It just stopped working.
  • Hi, HA and welcome back. Past is past - water under the bridge. Good to hear you've been busy and successful with your writing.
  • Thank you Claudia,
  • Welcome back to the fold, HA. Good to see you're still writing.
  • Thank you TN, see the forum has changed a little what happened to the thanks button or the flag option?
  • Sadly they don't work with the new system.
  • Back to basics I think it's called. 
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