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Thoughts on a Book Launch

I've never done one, though I've been to one online.

I don't think I would be able to manage a physical one, but as I have a book ready to go,  it seems a good opportunity to drum up interest online.

What happened at another author's online launch
The one I went to was very well organised. The author had contacted lots of authors beforehand and had asked who was willing to offer free books, and in what format.

On the day of the launch, things moved at breakneck speed. In order to be eligible to win anything, attendees had to have purchased the launching author's book and to show evidence of that purchase. What followed was an hour of interaction and winning books, plus spreading the word/liking across various social media platforms.

This was a very successful strategy and her book quickly shot to the top of the charts.

However, the stumbling block for me is
 a) asking people to buy the book and
 b) asking authors to donate.

Would my strategy work?
My book is called 'Confessions'; it's a collection of humorous stories.

At the moment, my only idea is to ask people to contribute humorous confessions online with the carrot of the best one winning the book. The drawback is that this wouldn't result in any sales since everyone would wait to see if they'd won a freebie! And by the time that had happened, the buzz would have worn off.

Any suggestions?



  • I've participated in some and, like you, have found them to be very active. The authors have prepared lots of questions and the interaction was great. Did they result in any sales? Not from me. I've never bought a book after that kind of event. 
  • Ah, that's useful to know. So not necessarily worth all the effort unless people are required to buy the book beforehand like the one I 'went to' in order to participate and be in with a chance of freebies.
  • Nope. I don't even feel guilty about the freebies I won. I did my bit by sharing the events and inviting friends. 
  • I might just go for something very simple then!
  • Simple's good. 
  • I have never been tempted to 'attend' one.

    I'm afraid I don't really see the point.

  • I won't bother then!
  • Maybe you could contact others who have held one, TN?  Find out from those that have experienced a launch?

    Tbh, I've never attended one but then I'm an all-round unsociable sort. B)
  • I've attended a variety of online launches. Still pop into the occasional one, but they're often on at a time I can't attend for long. There aren't as many as there used to be either.

  • That's very true. They used happen fairly regularly. 
  • Perhaps they are finding that they don't work, then. 

    Nell, your books are good and you have a lot of fans. It may well be that there are enough people to do the above - and if you would enjoy it, then perhaps you should do it anyway? You could ask, say five, if they would respond and take part, and see how many would, then decide after that. Or you could just try it, you don't lose much by doing so, except time. You could send out one of your videos to everyone to make them want to buy the book. But is does rather depend on people who clearly aren't at work. Why do you need to have other people's books? You could do it with 5 copies of your own, the digital versions. 
  • Oh, TN, I didn't want to put you off . (Though I assume you were joking anyway!). I'm sure there is a point - I'm just not one of the people they are aimed at. I only skirt the edges of social media too, because I don't see the point of most of that, but other people do xx
  • Ha ha, heather! Not at all! I just wondered what the general view was.

    I don't have a video for this one, Liz, but, yes, I could provide free copies of something. It won't be this book as the kindle won't exist until Hubby can help and he's too busy.

    I think I would know what to do, dora, although many people use a 'professional' to host. It is a high-pressure situation, though.

    I just wanted to drum up interest. Others are so good at that!

    Meh. Perhaps I will just chuck it out there and hope for the best!!

    Thanks, peeps.
  • You could do that, TN. Then plot the locations of who catches it. If you're awarding prizes for distance, IG will win.  
  • Ha ha! Yes. 

    Although I know a lot with their heads in the clouds!
  • Well, there's another competition. 
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