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My eldest daughter (10) is gymnastics daft - goes 5/6 times per week, competes in competitions, is a member of 3 clubs & part of a display team - we have no idea how she never injures herself, but on Saturday night when clambering up to get a bag of crisps from the cupboard she slipped and landed awkwardly breaking her wrist.

Off we go to the kids A&E, she was in a lot of pain but was crying more because she wouldn't be doing any gymnastics for the forseeable future.

Anyway we're sitting there waiting to be seen and she's still breaking her heart when two emergency cases rushed past us, with kids on stretchers followed by distraught, white faced parents. My daughter stopped crying and after a few minutes said, 'I guess not being able to do gymnastics for a month or two is not such a big deal.'


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