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Any horror writers in here?

Just searching for fellow horror writers. I am fascinated with Cryptozoology, and I think that is where my ideas lie. And if there are any horror writers, do you know of any good horror writing conferences? In the UK.

I will admit, my current WIP is crime. I tried to change it to more horror, but I am going to keep it at crime. All future books are horror though. I don't know what this will mean for my career prospects though :/


  • I've written some horror short stories that have been published and also done a couple of Kindle novelettes.

    Many years ago I went on a horror writing course but can't remember who ran it. Will try to find out.

  • Was it Alex Davis?

  • Yep, yep, yep - had a few horror stories and articles published. Even been in a book with some of my horror heroes :) Hurray for horror!
  • Thank you! So glad to see I am not alone. I envy those of you who can write horror in short form!
  • You need to read some of Tiny Nell's flash fiction...
  • dora said:

    Was it Alex Davis?

    Yes, it was. Can't remember if the course was run through Writing East Midlands, but it may well have been as it was held in Chesterfield.
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