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Formatting problem

Amazon have pointed out that on a few pages towards the end of my novel the text strays outside the right hand margin. I can't see how to fix it. I've tried cutting and re-pasting it but that didn't work. 

Any ideas?


  • Have you created a problem with an indent? I see it sometimes where a negative indent has been introduced.
  • It starts halfway down a page. I've made the margins show up, and there's nothing odd I can see on the ruler.
  • Go to a paragraph that's okay, then click on the paragraph option in the toolbar and see what it looks like - making a note of the numbers. Then go to a paragraph that's wrong and compare them.
  • The indents are too big, in terms of what's usual.
  • Thank you, that worked. The Alignment was blank when it should have been Left, and the right indent had nothing in the box when it should have been a zero.

    I went with 1.27 indent because that seemed to be standard. What is usual?
  • .50 looks nice. 1.27 is just Word's default.
  • Thanks, I'll change it. You're a star X
  • Here it is, Lizy. 
  •  :) 
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