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 I've been asked to provide a link. How is a 'link' created and provided?


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    Go to where you want to link to.

    Move cursor to the top of the screen where the web address is displayed. (Eg where it says writers-online.co.uk for here)

    Right click. (It might well change to something more complicated looking – don't worry about that.)

    Select 'copy'.

    Go to where you want to provide the link (eg return email to the one which requested it)

    Right click.

    Select 'paste'.

    Have a cup of tea.
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    I won't show the link to this page – as we're already here that might go weird.

    The bit up to the end of the www. is always the same. Then you'll have the site address (Amazon in this case). Then the precise page (that of my free book in this example).
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    Phots Moll thank you. Link sent to BBC. 
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