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What is the name of those trees with a sturdy trunk and umbrella shaped branches which grow in sub-tropical zones such as the Languedoc? They are planted in lines along a promenade and used to mark boundaries in town. They mature to a height of about thirty feet.


  • Plane trees?
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    Thanks Claudia. The species I want to identify by name are evergreen with long, spiky leaves growing opposite each other and close together but acutely angled downwards all along the stem. So the end of the branch is an upside down V shape. The plane tree is more round headed. The species I mean is umbrella shaped with pendulous branches and a long trunk.
  • I only know that plane trees are used prolifically in France to line the roads. If you google images of plane trees you'll know if they're what you're after.
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    Yes they do but the plane tree is very different being deciduous and round headed.
  • Palm trees?
  • Hi Heather. Yes they look like a variant of the palm, perhaps a date palm but much bushier and droopy. 
  • If you google palm tress you get lots of images so you could narrow it down to the one you want.
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    I can't find the precise variety but 'palm' will give the general idea.  
  • Have you tried websites of specialist plant nurseries? 
  • Hello Carol. Yes I have but can't find a specimen there either. They are very distinctive trees which grow tall as an oak with a lovely pendulous canopy of branches like an umbrella. They are used to supply shade in courtyards. 
  • You seem to have lots of key words, Patricia. Have you tried googling and searching 'images'?

    Maybe a website for gardeners would be more fruitful... (like what I did there?)
  • I'll palm them off with something!
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