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Free online courses

Friend sent me this link. They are offering their online classes for free until 31 May. No idea if they're any good. I'm going to take a look at the memoir class.



  • There are lots of good free courses here
  • I don't know much about webinars. 
    Can the person running it see you, and do you have to interact?

    Yes, I like Future Learn, heather. I might have a go at one.
  • My husband has done lots since he retired. Quite obscure (to me) politics and history mostly - The Swiss political structure, Alexander the great etc. I did the Learn Italian course but I don't retain things well anymore.
  • Thanks for that link, Heather. I'll have a look.
    I had never even heard of a webinar until I looked at the shewritesuniversity link. I haven't gone any further than identifying a course I might be interested in. I'm a little put off by the fact that a) they're gender discriminatory, and b) american. If it also means I have to directly interact via camera and microphone then that is a definite downside, especially given time differences.

  • The futurelearn courses only interact via comments etc. Some have assignments and videos to watch but you can do them or not as you think fit. 
  • I did a futurelearn one - community journalism - enjoyed it.  The website is easy to follow and you can go more in depth if you wish by watching their videos etc.  Would recommend.  The community journalism was offered by Cardiff University.  Don't know if it is still on offer as it was some while back when I did it.

  • Lots of free courses around online at the moment.  
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