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Mobile application that connects writers and readers

edited May 2020 in Writing

I have written a story and want it to be available on mobile devices to other users for reading.
I searched for appropriate app, but didn't find anything, so I created an Android app called "Private Books":

The Private Books application that connects writers and readers is intended for publishing and reading literary texts.

The application is intended for those who like to read, as well as for those who like to write and want to publish their story.

It is basically the publication of literary texts that writers offer for reading to other users of the application. The more books you (writers) write/publish, the more books you (readers) will be able to read. Currently the application does not offer much stories, but that’s what it’s all about – for writers to fill it out.

It is characterized by simple page navigation. Tap right to go to the next chapter, tap left to go to the previous ones. Touch the bottom and top to scroll through the pages, and a tap and hold will show you the progress of your reading.

The app also has a night mode feature that dims the screen to make it eyes friendly reading in dark. It is also equipped with a search engine and watermark copy protection.

Enjoy reading and writing!


  • Interesting project. How will the writers be paid?
  • Interesting project. How will the writers be paid?

    Method of payment is a subject of agreement between me and writer.
    For each book can be configured from which chapter onwards the content is chargeable and at what price. Try the app to see how it works.

  • I don't have a smartphone. :(
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