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Wordpress question

I find it quite complicated, so have kept my blog simple, without many whistles and bells, but when I originally set it up, I added a sidebar (or maybe Wordpress did) where my books are shown. No matter how many times I go back into the edit suite, I simply cannot find any way of making these book covers the same size.
For some of them, when I click 'edit picture', there is a size option to choose from, but it's only there for some...

I thought it might be connected to having extra text shown with some of the books, so I took away all the simplified blurbs that I had added. It didn't make the slightest difference.

Also, some of the covers are annoyingly showing with the 'Look inside' logo from Amazon, despite me linking the picture to the paperback URL where that isn't shown.

Any ideas how to neaten it all up?


  • I'm afraid I have no idea about wordpress, TN, but didn't want you to feel neglected x
  • Same from me, although I did neglect you.
  • TN, you might find it quicker to redo them completely so they're uniform- do that outside of the Wordpress system, then reload them and go from there.

    As for the Amazon issue, I can't help. Baggy may know the answer.
  • Thank you all for not neglecting me...

    I have tried that several times, Carol.

    Never mind.

    Back to stations, everyone.
  • That is a pain, TN.

    Might be time to ask Wordpress for technical help.
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