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Who can recommend an English grammar book? I have:
O.U.P. Martin Cutts, Plain English
Palgrave Macmillan, John Peck & Martin Coyle, Student's Guide to Writing 


  • Really depends what you need it for. The "grammar bible" is Michael Swann's Practical English Usage, which contains all the rules (and exceptions) for English grammar. It's used by EFL teachers to instruct learners. In my experience, most native English writers have very few issues with grammar. We learn it instinctively. Punctuation, on the other hand, is broadly a disaster.
  • For a basic level, the Oxford A-Z of Grammar & Punctuation by John Seeley is useful. It has examples to help the reader.
  • Thank you GeraldQ, Carol and Dora for those references. 
  • My go to is the Oxford Pocket English Grammar by AJ Thomson & AV Martinet. Concise and simple to navigate with helpful exercises. I used it when I worked as an English Language teacher in Spain.
  • Thank you Claudia.
  • Warriner's English Grammar and Composition.  Published in 1982 by Harcourt Brace Jovanovich.   I am not sure whether it is still in print. 
  • Thank you beesknees. I might be able to track down Warriner's and the others on Abe Books.
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