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Does anyone have a simple method of creating watermarks on pictures?


  • I have this one. I upload the image into Canva and then lay it over the top. I created it in Canva and it's transparent.

  • Ah, Canva. Thank you. I'll see what I can do...
  • Failed.
    Can't seem to make the background transparent...
  • I can't remember how I did that. 
  • I'll go back to it. I became distracted by all the whistles and bells...
  • I haven't used Canva for months, so had a look at the new update. It looks better to use.
  • Nell, if you have Word you can easily create a watermark. You need to put your watermark onto a Word doc, the mark you want to use, and then make a PDf of that and then export a jpeg for the PDf. Then open a Word doc, and go to 'Design' a the top. 'Watermark' is on the right at the top. Click on it and it will say 'no watermark' or 'watermark'. Click on 'picture' and then import the jpeg form your desktop. It will show on your document as a faded mark. You will have to experiment to get it where you want it to be. 
  • Welcome back Liz.
  • Ah, thank you, Liz. This was a while back! I did something very similar to what you suggest and it worked well enough.

    Nice to see you here again!
  • Hello Liz.

  • Hi Liz! You must have heard me thinking about you today 😅 Good to have you back.
  • Hello all! It is hit and miss as to whether I can get in! 
  • Has your internet gone on the blink?
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