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Nocturnal Visitor

Woke up feeling the weight of something's feet at 1a.m.ish. Blearily raising head and peering over duvet I was faced with the silhouette of a neighbour's cat as he settled in for several hours kip. This morning I feel as though I've been awake since last year and the arrival of three human visitors is imminent! 


  • Cheeky cat.

    Hope you enjoy your human visitors despite everything.
  • Hi Carol, thanks for the comment. Cat and humans have been and gone. My eyes are open but their sense is shut and I'm looking forward to a few hours in the sack. 
  • I wouldn't be best pleased if a neighbour s cat took advantage! 
  • I often see on facebook people putting call outs for their lost cats.  Maybe that's where they all are, sat on a neighbour's bed!
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