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Let's Talk Magazine

I saw a spinning wheel in a friend's house and was surprised, pleased when she offered a demo. Pitched illustrated article idea to Editor Angela Kennedy of Let's Talk and she has accepted.  


  • That's good. Certainly different.
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    Hi Carol. I've temporarily lost the thread. Can't understand some of the notes I made whilst watching the demo. and the demonstrator is unavailable for comment!!! There's plenty of other stuff to do meantime though.
  • Hooray! Feature has been accepted for publication.  
  • Hope your novella is shaping up well Carol.
    'Spinning a Yarn' is due for publication in the April issue of Let's Talk mag. 
  • Progress is slow for now.

    Congratulations on the latest acceptance.
  • Editors Angela Kennedy & Terry Redhead have published the story titled: Spinning a Yarn, in their April edition of Let's Talk. Eight photographs of Janie the spinner and her gear are included. Whoopee! The occasion was celebrated with lunch of mushrooms on toast and then we walked what felt like half way around Suffolk. 
  • Congratulations.
  • Congrats Patricia
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    Thank you ladies. I hope your work is progressing.
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