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Can someone please explain in simple terms what differences Musk's ownership of Twitter will make?


  • Unknown.
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  • He has said he is going to remove some of the rules which mean you cannot be horrible to people - some are worried he might let Trump back in. He says he wasn't is to be a platform for 'free speech'. He's spent tens of billions on it and I'm not sure i like his vision. 

    He also asked the UN was it? to give him a breakdown of the (known) costs of how much it would cost to end world hunger. They gave him a breakdown. He decided to buy Twitter instead. The cost was fraction of the cost of Twitter. There is something wrong with this world. 
  • He can't remove the rules that are laid down in law.

  • Yes, very true so hopefully it won't be awful - BUT at the minute Twitter is very hot cutting down on subtler ways of bullying, and of course no one wants Trump spouting his particular brand of unpleasant rhetoric. 
  • It was such a relief not to have Trump.
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