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I dreamed a story

Due to a combination of illness and strong drugs, my dreams have been many and interesting, but one sticks in my mind. I was half awake when a man began talking to me, quite determined that I should listen. He wanted to tell me how he fell in love. Sometimes I woke up and thought, Not yet, I want to hear the rest, and he was there waiting to continue. He even told me his name!
So I'm now in the process of writing Jed's story. I will share it when I've finished, as that's what he wanted.


  • Sounds like it will be a good story when it's completed.
  • How fascinating, Lizy! I love my dreamtime and hate it when I wake from a particularly interesting one.
    On one occasion I dreamt a short story and woke thinking, 'why can't I come up with stories like that?' Duh! lol
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