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Two Twitter accounts

I inadvertently opened a second Twitter account! I've tried to delete it and access my original one, but I can't do it. Any ideas?


  • edited December 2022
    Did you use a new name? Log out and then log in with the old one. I have several accounts and switch between them. This thread isn't private.
  • Is it with the same email address? If so, maybe it has overwritten the other one. I didn't think you could have more than one per email address but I might be wrong and if so, I don't understand why you can't delete one as they won't be related. Are you sure you are completely logged out of the new one before accessing old one? Do you use your phone and your computer and need to log out of one before deleting on the other one? Do you maybe need to delete cookies? As you can tell I don't really know just throwing some ideas out there.
  • Your old account is still there as I follow you and I can see it with 'joined October 2011' on it.
  • I can get the real one on my laptop but my tablet and phone prefer the 'new' one. I'll try to delete the new one on my laptop .
  • Sounds like cookies on your phone and tablet need deleting.
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