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Freelance Writer Query

I've found a freelance writing job that I would like to apply for. One part of the application form asks for what rate per word I would like to be considered for. What is the done rate per word for a piece of writing? Does anybody know? Or at least where I can find it out? 


  • Are you a member of the Society of Authors?

  • No, I'm not a member. Is that the one that you can only join when you have had things published? 
  • It's for an online writing school. 
  • To write their online blog posts. 
  • Doglover said:
    No, I'm not a member. Is that the one that you can only join when you have had things published? 
    The suggested NUJ rates are visible to everyone, even non-members, but you'd need to work out the per word rate.

    You need to consider how much you'll need to do- any research time- and the word counts required.
  • They are suggesting £10-£15 an hour on their advert, but then they want to know what price I want. I can't write a piece of work to a decent standard in an hour. I'm slightly confused by it to be honest. 
  • Many magazines I write for pay 100 pounds for a 1000 word article, so 10p a word.
  • Don't forget that articles will earn ALCS money, but your blog post writing won't, Doglover. I've written for websites (yonks ago) and it's intensive work that has short deadlines. It was good for discipline and research skills, but it's too rigid if you want to be more creative with your writing. Also, blog posts tend to be short and that could limit how much you ultimately earn. 
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    Thanks for that @Baggy Books I'm not entirely sure what that means. Does that mean that the idea of 10p a word is not really viable to request? If I'm being honest, I want out of teaching and I want more freedom and flexibility now that I have my baby to think about. I also want to write and do a job that I love. 
  • How many blog posts would you need to write to earn enough if you were paid 10p per word?
  • 4 a week, I think. They are suggesting 1 a week at first until the blog and company gets established. 
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