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I have a few lines in my WIP that are stuck with the wrong line spacing. I've tried highlighting them and changing them to 1.5 from 2.0 but they wont co-operate.
The bits in front of them and after them are fine.
Any ideas, please?



  • Have you tried applying the line spacing to the whole document by doing ctrl-A then selecting the line spacing?
  • Yes. Tried that several times. I was considering removing all formatting but when I tried it on a sample document it took out all the speech marks as well. Can't be doing with that!
  • What are they on? Word or something else?

  • Word 11.
  • Google it, there's lots of info available, and you can dig down from there.

    A number of times YouTube videos have helped me with tech issues.
  • In the end I deleted half the page and retyped it, which did the trick. Still don't know why it happened, though :(
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