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Writing Platforms

Hello everyone - it's been a while. Allow me to expand on the title, and tell you what I've been up to lately as well.

I attend a monthly local writers' group where I engage with about a dozen fellow scribblers. This is my first experience of meeting other writers in the flesh, and I was surprised at how some are permanently mired in the Slough of Despond, working on single projects and making little or no progress from one month to the next. As for me, I'm buzzing right now, and I bash stuff out nearly every day.

Bashing stuff out is all well and good, but who, what and where is my audience?

These days, I mainly write on platforms like Medium and Vocal Media. I enjoy it because it's a publish-and-forget setup that sees me constantly moving forward. As soon as I post, I move on to the next challenge. I've posted over 200 items on Medium, and recently my fortunes changed for the better. I'd posted a humorous piece about hoovering/vacuuming, and I got a comment from a guy who invited me to submit to MuddyUm, which is a humour site there. This was a step up because on publications like that, not all submissions are accepted, and the writer is assigned an editor to work with. My stuff was accepted, and one of my recent stories on MuddyUm received a boost (my first one), which saw a huge spike in my stats, and which earned me $82. So, everything is fine and dandy over there, although I'll never get rich at it. But, I love it and it's all for posterity really.

I upload a lot of my stuff from Medium to Vocal Media, creating two revenue streams from the same piece of writing. Vocal doesn't pay so well because I don't have the followers I do on Medium, but it is keen to hand out five dollar bonuses willy-nilly. One of my stories recently became my fifth to feature as a selected top story, where it gains prominence on the front page on top of the five bucks bonus.

Worth a lot more though were the comments I received for that story (see image - -names blanked out and photos faded). These were a joy for me to read, and a great encouragement to keep going.

I'm happy to say I'm more productive now than I have been in years. Ever onward :)

Anyone here use those platforms?


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