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mouse hold and drag not working

This seems to be a problem for more than just me but I can't fathom how to sort it out.

I used to be able to click, hold and drag to copy and paste, or delete, eg: a line, a paragraph or a page. Now I can't.
I want to copy three chapters of a book into a new document and the only way seems to be to copy the whole thing and then laboriously run the backspace button up 200 pages. 
Has anyone got a trick I can use, PLEASE!!!


  • Still works for me in Word.
    Alternative is click at the beginning of the section you want, hold down shift key and click at the end of section, move the cursor into the grey area and right click and choose copy.
  • Thanks, Heather, I'll try that tomorrow. Deleting 100k words with the back space key would be laborious in the extreme!
  • Have you checked the driver for the mouse, in case it needs updating?

    If nothing works, and you have a spare USB port, you could buy an external mouse to use.
  • Carol, I am already using an external mouse. How do I check the driver?
  • Heather, it worked! Thank you soooooooooooooooooooo much!!
  • Hurrah!
  • Glad Heather's suggestion worked.
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