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Listmania and Wish lists

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  • If you've had a book published, then Amazon's Listmania may help publicity. The following webpage has had more than 70 hits:


    and the compiler of the webpage has also put another book on their wish list:

  • That's useful Jay. I'll have a go as long as it's non-techy idiot-proof.
  • By the way, if you're confused by the web addresses, you can highlight, copy and paste them in your computer's address box. (You may have to use the right button on your mouse to do this.)
  • I'm a bit clueless here, what is Listmania and how do you go about it?
  • It's something people can put on Amazon - listing their favourite books. Have you had a look at the webpage I mentioned? That'll give you some idea. Let me know if you're still confused, although I haven't done a list myself. Oh, it pops up when you're looking at similar books.
  • Here's another:

    I think that's a new wishlist. Electi tastes. (This is getting like a rossword puzzle now.)
  • http://www.amazon.com/Gay-M-romantic-characters-remembered/lm/1DGCWY58HGTVA/ref=cm_lmt_fvlm_f_2_rlrsrs0/103-2019515-6579865

    Not sure if that's a new wish list, or just a changed title.

    To see the list, highlight the address, press copy, go to the address box, press paste - et voila!
  • http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/registry.html?ie=UTF8&id=I7JL76LHTHUQ&reveal=all

    Someone else has put me on their wish list!
  • I'm on an Australian's wish list!

  • You are becoming known, well done on the list inclusion.
  • On another list on Amazon.com:
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    May 2009


    From Amazon (UK or .com)

    with Books in the search category and
    your own name in the empty box next to it
    press return/enter
    to see if you're on anyone's listmania

    (look down the left-hand side of the screen for a picture of your book's cover).
  • I’m on someone’s listmania but it’s from someone who gave me a 2 star review so I don’t shout about it!
  • :)
    there will always be odd ones like that...
  • Think I've got one of those, too. And I'm on a list without a comment - all the other books have comments. I managed to track down the 'author', and he said he hadn't read my book!
  • Weird.
  • He was rather worried I'd found him, until I explained that I'd Googled him and he was on a painters' site where I could leave a message.
  • :)
    small world isn't it when you can find anyone on Google.
  • Another listmania item:

  • Only 22nd? :)
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    Not sure what order they're in - might be date order, as he's only just posted a review on the page for The Dandelion Clock.

  • About 'Precipice':

    "Tender and romantic story ... A real tear-jerker."

  • Listmania - Great Gay Love Stories:

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